We believe our clients’ dogs are family members. We view them as deserving of respect and loving care.

Our goal is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners in all situations. Dogs are full of undeniable, unconditional love. And it’s our duty to give some of that back. We enjoy seeing pet owners feel good about taking care of their 4-legged family members.

The services we provide for them go far beyond just taking care of pets. It involves developing meaningful purpose filled relationships with each and every client, a relationship that will grow and prosper through many generations of pet ownership. It’s so great to be able to educate pet owners and share the knowledge we have, in order for them to make better decisions for their pet(s) on a daily basis. We truly want their pet(s) to live happier physical, mental and longer lives. 

Meet Jamie

Jamie is a Beaver County native whose love for animals has always surpassed every other passion. “I have always had great respect for all of God’s creatures. As a dog owner, I struggled leaving my dogs at home alone all day while I went to work and/or school. 

It can be a real struggle for dog owners to find comfort while boarding their pets and there was no current facility in Beaver County that offered the exact services I wanted.” 

After spending time in the corporate world, Jamie decided to make her dreams come true and create amazing animal care available to Beaver County and surrounding area families. 

Our Team

To serve our clients in this way, our team must be the best. Our staff is upbeat, confident, and happy. They come to work professionally and appropriately dressed and know what’s expected of them. We are all doing continuing education to keep our skill set fresh and up to date. We reward our employees for the great work they do. We all take ownership of our responsibilities and feel great about knowing that our efforts are rewarded. Our hiring process is rigorous and particular. Our employees are brought on board based on passion for the work the do and alignment with our core values.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours for pick-up and drop-off?

For Boarding, you can pick up or drop off anytime up to a half hour before closing. (M-F 10am to 5pm, Sat 9am to 4pm, and Sunday from 9am-11am and 4pm to 6pm.) Boarding guests picked up/dropped off outside of these hours may incur a convenience fee. Holiday hours normally reflect the same hours as Sunday, but please call to be sure. If dropping off after 4pm, we ask that you please feed your dog dinner.

For pay by day Daycare clients, you can pick up anytime up to 30 minutes before closing (M-F 7pm, Sat 5pm). For pre-paid package guests you can pick up anytime up until closing. Any daycare guests left past this time will be fed dinner and tucked in for a cozy night’s sleep. Owner will be charged for a night of boarding.

Can I tour the facility?
Yes! Please call and schedule an appointment or drop by the facility and we will try our best to accommodate you!
How can I pay?

We prefer cash or check. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, and AMEX. Credit card transactions are charged a 2% processing fee. Tips are graciously accepted for any and all services.

What if my dog is not spayed/neutered?
All dogs over 10 months of age MUST be spayed/neutered in order to attend our daycare and boarding program. If a dog needs boarding and is not fixed and over 10 months, he/she will be required to be a private stay, up to Canine Kingdom’s discretion
What vaccinations does my dog need to attend daycare?
Your dog needs to be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (the vaccine for canine cough). If the Bordetella vaccine has never been given, or if it has expired, we require a MINIMUM 10-day waiting period after the administration, as this may provide your dog with extra protection. We also require all dogs be on some type of flea preventative. We MUST have a copy of a valid rabies certificate on file, in addition to the vaccination record.
How long does an interview last?
The dogs interview includes a free half day of daycare (4 hours). The human portion of the interview will last about 20 minutes, your dog will remain with us for the rest of the time, and you are free to go. You will be notified of your dogs pick up time. We will first introduce your pal to staff, then slowly introduce him or her to other dogs. We will bring in one dog at a time and make sure that your dog is comfortable meeting new friends. Once your dog has successfully met five or so dogs, we will integrate them into a bigger play group to see how they enjoy being in a larger group of dogs. We don’t expect every dog to be perfect, we just want to be sure that group play is going to be a safe and comfortable environment for your dog.

We do require at least 2 daycare visits for our boarding clients before we admit them to our boarding program. Daycare clients must visit the facility at least two times per month in order to stay enrolled in our daycare program. If the 2x/month requirement is not met, a behavior re-evaluation may be required along with a $25 reassessment fee.

What if my dog is not a good fit to play with other dogs?
Many dogs, like many people, are just not comfortable in a crowd. That is why we have our “Royal Solo Retreat” option. Your dog will spend the day in his or her own space. All Royal Retreat guests receive three walks outside, plus one private playtime session with one of our staff members daily. Additional playtimes are available for purchase. Playtimes are tailored to fit your dog’s needs. That may be a rowdy running playtime throwing a ball or Frisbee or it may be a quiet cuddle time with just a short walk outside.
How old does my dog have to be to attend Canine Kingdom?
We want to ensure that all dogs have enough time to develop a stable immune system before they are in a facility with other dogs. We do not have an age requirement, but do require a negative fecal sample for puppies, at least two rounds of the distemper vaccine. State law requires the rabies vaccine no later than 16 weeks of age. 
Can my dogs stay together?

Yes! Please note your preference when making reservations so that we can accommodate you.

My dog takes medication. Are you able to give it to them?
Yes, we will gladly administer medications to your dog while they are in our care for no additional charge. All medications must be in the original prescription container so that we will have detailed information about the medication, and you must sign a consent form giving us permission to administer the medication. We do administer injections.
What can I expect after picking up my dog from boarding?

Some dogs may be tired or even a little sore for a day or two after daycare or lodging with us. This is because most of them play hard and get a lot of exercise while they are here. Our flooring is designed to protect their joints and paws as they play. Dogs have access to water at all times, but will still be extra thirsty when they come home. Excessive thirst and tiredness may occur and length of time depends on the length of stay. Pet parents can even expect loose stool after a boarding trip. These are all typical signs of a sudden change in physical activity level and are perfectly normal!

Does my dog need to be on a leash when arriving or leaving Canine Kingdom?
Yes! All dogs are required to be on a leash at all times when coming or going. This is for the safety of your dog, especially in our parking lot. This will also help keep the lobby environment calmer and running smoothly. Remember, not all dogs that come to Canine Kingdom are friendly with other dogs. All dogs that come in must also be wearing a collar AND name tag. If your dog does not have a tag, we will provide one for the stay. If you have concerns or need accommodations, please see a manager.
Can you care for dogs that are ill or have special medical needs?
If your dog has something that is contagious or that could possibly be contagious (for example, if your dog is coughing, has a runny nose or is sneezing), do not bring your dog to Canine Kingdom until your veterinarian has confirmed that they are no longer a risk to other dogs. You may be asked to provide a statement from your veterinarian confirming that it is safe for us to admit your dog. Canine Kingdom can be a great place for dogs who have non-contagious medical needs, such as dogs that are blind or deaf. It is important to keep in mind that there are other dogs in the facility. So if your dog has a compromised immune system or other health issues, you should discuss your plans with your veterinarian before deciding to board them in any facility. Remember, Canine Kingdom cannot be held responsible if your dog becomes ill during or after their stay.

Canine Kingdom can be a great place for dogs who have non-contagious medical needs, such as dogs that are blind or deaf. It is important to keep in mind that there are other dogs in the facility. So if your dog has a compromised immune system or other health issues, you should discuss your plans with your veterinarian before deciding to board them in any facility. Remember, Canine Kingdom cannot be held responsible if your dog becomes ill during or after their stay. 

Is my dog able to go outside?
Yes. All dogs who attend daycare have full access to the indoor playrooms and are let outside at least once every two hours. We have a 3,000sq. ft outdoor space, with plenty of shade, enclosed by a 6ft privacy fence to ensure outdoor safety.
Do I need to bring my dog’s food if they are boarding?
Yes. Food must be brought in in pre-portioned, resealable baggies for each meal. If you happen to forget, we have a grain free option for an additional charge. If your pet has any food allergies or dietary concerns, we recommend supplying your own food. Please pack enough food for your stay plus one day. This ensures that we have plenty of food in case your return is delayed. We have a refrigerator and microwave to prepare special diets. If your dog is boarding with us for five days or more, you may want to consider increasing the amount of food your dog eats, due to their increased activity level. Some dogs may not eat as much as they do at home, this is normal and may be due to the change in schedule and environmental, stress, or an increase/decrease in activity level. If you are concerned about your dog being a picky eater, consider packing something to entice them. We can offer enticements such as beef broth or chicken broth here. In the case of allergies, please provide your own meal enticements.
What else can I bring?
Just the food pre-bagged for each meal and the leash. We provide bowls, bedding when requested, and toys. Everything is washed and sanitized daily.

What if my pet becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay?
In the event that your pet requires medical attention, we will refer to your contact list and make every attempt to reach you or your designated emergency contact. If we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact and we feel your dog needs medical attention, we will transport your pet to their regular veterinarian, if close by, to ensure continuity of care. If your veterinarian is not near our facility, we will go to the Beaver Animal Clinic located a mile from our facility. If we believe that the situation is urgent or if your dog needs care after regular hours, we will take your pet to the closest veterinary emergency clinic.
My pet lost weight during their boarding visit, is this normal?
It is natural for dogs to lose a little weight while boarding. Most of the weight loss is due to excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive playing with their friends. Dogs who are in our playrooms are getting constant activity that is not the same as their more sedentary lifestyle at home. Therefore they burn a lot more calories during their boarding visit, which is why we recommend increasing their food slightly. In addition, some dogs may not eat all of their food at each feeding since they are in a different environment and may also lose weight for this reason. Also, your pet may appear lethargic or sore after their stay. This is normal, especially for dogs who are not used to all day exercise.
What is your cancellation policy?

o Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your appointment or it will be considered a no-show.
o Any no-show appointments will be charged half the scheduled grooming charge.

o APPOINTMENTS ARE NOW REQUIRED. Same day requests should call before bringing pups for play.
o No shows for a scheduled “Package Day” of daycare appointment will result in a loss of that day.
o “Pay by Day” daycare no shows will be charged a $20 fee.
o Cancellations for daycare must be made at least 24 hours in advance or it will be considered a no-show.

o A minimum one-night deposit is required for all boarding stays. During busier times of year, a two night deposit is required.
o Failure to cancel a boarding stay at least 5 business days in advance will result in the loss of the deposit.



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