Dogs that exercise daily lead happier, healthier, lives. Over-energized pup? No problem! Daycare relieves the stress from boredom that can lead to anxiety and destruction. Is Rover a little older? We’ve got you covered! Our rooms are separated by temperament and activity level for everyone’s safety and comfort. Our rolled rubber flooring makes all day play easy on the joints.

All Guests Receive

All-Day Play with indoor/outdoor access

Private nap time as needed

Personal Attention from our Loving Staff

Daycare Hours

Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm


Half Day (1-4 hours)


Full Day (5+ hours)


Full Day Packages

5 Day Package


Full Day, Pre-Paid

10 Day Package


Full Day, Pre-Paid

20 Day Package


Full Day, Pre-Paid

Half Day Packages

5 Day Package


Half Day, Pre-Paid

10 Day Package


Half Day, Pre-Paid

20 Day Package


Half Day, Pre-Paid


SAFETY is our number one priority. That’s why we have requirements for all guests that stay with us.  ALL of our full time staff members are trained in Pet CPR and safety training.  Travel in comfort knowing your king or queen is well cared for by our knowledgeable staff.

All royal daycare/boarding guests must fill out a personality form and schedule a FREE interview!  During the interview, your pup will meet and greet our royal court staff as well as some furry kings and queens of the castle.  During this time, we look for signs of demonstrating appropriate play and proper communication between our packmates and your pup.

We require that your dog be on a flea and tick prevention program. All dogs will be checked for fleas and ticks before being admitted to the kingdom. (We carry affordable prevention options, Call for details.) 


All guests must be up to date on the following vaccinations*:

Bordetella (vacc. for canine cough)**
Rabies (Must be a copy of the ORIGINAL vaccine certificate)

**Please note, the Bordetella vaccine IS NOT a vaccination that is typically administered, nor is it a guarantee that your pet will not contract kennel cough. Please double check with your vet to ensure he/she has this vaccine. If not, it must be administered 10 days before entering the facility. Click here to learn more about Kennel Cough.

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