Our groomers are hired on their ability to display patience and compassion during grooming. Although skill is important, we take our time with each of our furry clients, ensuring individual care and comfort is put first. We are not a factory. We provide a necessary service to our community and our groomers are truly passionate about what they do.

We book out 4 to 6 weeks in advance for Grooming. Please make sure to book your next appointment before you leave your current one!

Please note: All grooming clients are kept separate from our daycare and boarding dogs except upon owner request. 

We prefer cash or check, Gratuity is graciously accepted.

Any no-show appointments will be charged half the scheduled grooming charge.

Main Groom Pricing

Small Breed FULL Groom


Mid Breed FULL Groom


Large Breed FULL Groom


XL Breed FULL Groom


*Pricing varies upon size, style desired, and condition of the animal. Please call for a proper quote.

Payment with cash or check receives a 2% discount. Gratuity is graciously accepted.

We offer a FULL service groom, a Bath & Tidy, and a B&B (Bath and Brush) option.

A Bath & Brush consists of:

  • Bath with a natural shampoo specialized for your dog’s coat
  • Brush
  • Ear cleaning
  • Gland expression (if requested)
  • Nail trim ​

A Bath & Tidy consists of everything above plus:

  • Hair trim around the face, feet, and sanitary area

A FULL groom consists of everything above plus:

  • All over body hair cut

Royal Make Rover


An excellent option for in between grooms! Includes nail clip (add $2 for dremel), ears, and teeth brushing!

Royal Make Rover Deluxe  


An excellent option for in between grooms! Includes nail clip (add $2 for dremel), ears, teeth brushing, AND one of the following:

    • Brush Out (dematting charges may apply for severe mats)
    • Sanitary Trim
    • Pad Trim

Walk In Services

Nail Trim (Clippers)


Nail Dremel


Clean Pads


Ear Clean Only


Face Trim


Anal Gland Expression


Add-Ons to Full Groom, Bath & Tidy, and B&B

Teeth Brushing: $7 (Includes teeth brushing and fresh dental spray)

Flea Shampoo: $8 – 10

De-Shed Treatment: $10-$20 (De-shed Shampoo, conditioner, and Furminator brushing)

Nail Dremel: $7

Deep Silk Conditioning Treatment: $5 A Deep Conditioning Treatment consists of a luxurious conditioner with a few drops of Argon Oil, nourishing the skin and leaving your dog’s coat non-greasy, shiny, and beautiful! 

Cranberry Facial: $6 Relaxing and aroma-therapeutic facial massage, great for whitening and brightening tear/beard stains.

Pawdicure: $8 Moisturize and protect those perfect paws! Treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub, followed by a Lavender paw balm.

CHOOSE ANY 3 ROYAL ADD-ON TREATMENTS FOR $15 (excluding de-shed treatment)!

Cat Grooming is limited. Please call for details.


723 State Avenue Vanport, PA 15009